Welcome to the project website for Wilmette’s Central Avenue and Downtown Streetscape Project!

BIG THANKS to the community for participating in the Wilmette Central Avenue and Downtown Streetscape Project. Beginning in the summer of 2018, the design team enjoyed hearing community input about what makes downtown Wilmette so special – and how it can be improved. Feedback was received via the community poll, Music on the Green Event, stakeholder interviews and public meetings. The Streetscape Project is inspired by community members’ creative visioning and practical thinking. For more information about past planning efforts please click here.

The purpose of this website is to continue the communications set forth in the Village of Wilmette’s webpage for the Wilmette Central Avenue and Downtown Streetscape Plan and to provide up to date information about downtown streetscape construction progress.

Downtown Streetscape Vision

Wilmette’s Downtown is the center of our community. It’s the place where we shop, dine, obtain personal services, visit Village Hall, and meet up with friends and neighbors. In recent years, Wilmette’s downtown has enjoyed a resurgence in activity and vibrancy. At the same time, our infrastructure was in need of repair. The streetscape improvements include updates to below and above ground infrastructure, as well as enhancements to the public realm that reinforce Downtown as a welcoming and friendly community center.

Streetscape Improvement Areas

  • Wilmette Avenue between the east side of the Union Pacific Railroad and Lake Avenue.
  • Central Avenue between the east side of the Union Pacific Railroad and Sheridan Road.

Streetscape Staging Areas

The streetscape is anticipated to be constructed over multiple stages. Traffic flow, walkways and parking will be redirected for each stage of construction.

Maps of planned construction during each stage may be downloaded here.

How can I get involved?

We understand that construction can be disruptive to downtown businesses and homes. The Village and design team are committed to working with you to minimize construction impacts. Communication is key and there are many ways to get involved:

  • Sign up for Weekly Project Updates: Go to www.Wilmette.com. Click on ‘Village E-mail List’ in the left menu bar of the homepage, then choose ‘Central Avenue Project Updates‘.
  • Attend a drop-in construction meeting. See Project News for dates, times, and locations.
  • Share Input with us 24/7
  • Get in touch with a project contact.

This project taps into two federal funding sources, Surface Transportation Urban (STU) funding and Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) funding. New water main installation is not eligible under either federal funding source and will be constructed with local Village of Wilmette funds.