What does “streetscape” mean and why is this plan necessary?

Streetscape refers to the public rights of way associated with a roadway. This generally includes the roadway itself, sidewalks, parkways and the open spaces in-between. While necessary underground utility work is underway, the Village is making use of this opportunity to also improve the streetscape. Wilmette is investing in its streetscapes to improve their functions and appearance and to make downtown a more welcoming place for shops and dining.

What kinds of improvements are included in the streetscape plan?

This project includes planning for long term infrastructure improvements, The streetscape plan protects existing features, such as on-street parking, street lighting, hanging baskets and trees. New features include decorative lighting, sidewalks, traffic signals, roadway pavements, wayfinding signs, seating and plantings. Veterans Park improvements include pavement repair, lighting, seating and plantings. The approved streetscape renderings can be downloaded here.

How can I get involved and receive project updates?

Community input is welcome and encouraged! Feedback can be provided on the Share Input tab on the website, during regularly scheduled drop-in meetings (see Project News) and to the contacts. Follow the project by going to www.wilmette.com. Click on “Village E-mail List” in the left menu bar on the homepage. Sign up and choose “Central Avenue Project Updates” to receive weekly project updates.

Are special provisions in place during COVID-19?

The Village, design team and contractors are taking careful steps throughout all aspects of the project. Community members are invited to engage with this project in the way they feel most comfortable. The website will provide online feedback tools. Public events and activities will be available for virtual / remote participation. Face-to-face interactions will maintain social distancing. Contractors will maintain safety standards throughout construction activities.

How is this project funded and how will future improvements be funded?

This project taps into two federal funding sources. The roadway improvements, both in the downtown and residential sections, are constructed with Surface Transportation Urban (STU) funding. The streetscape improvements in the downtown section, essentially including everything other than the roadway improvements, are constructed with Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) funding. New water main installation is not eligible under either federal funding source and will be constructed with local Village of Wilmette funds.

What are the project limits?

The study area generally includes the following:

  • Wilmette Avenue between the east side of the Union Pacific Railroad and Lake Avenue.
  • Central Avenue between the east side of the Union Pacific Railroad and Sheridan Road.

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Click on ‘Village E-mail List’ in the left menu bar of the homepage, then choose ‘Central Avenue Project Updates‘.